Made of stainless steel body, our TP56 is able to perfectly cook bread to prepare delicious and crispy toasts to be enjoyed in the family. The large slits can also accommodate a wide variety of foods, including sandwiches and thick slices of homemade bread. You can choose from 6 cooking levels for a perfect toast. This unit is also equipped with three functions: the heating allows to heat the brioches or bread without roasting it; the defrost mode allows a quick thawing of the food, while the cooking function is perfect for toasting the slices of bread in a few minutes. The power of 850 watts is such that every type of bread can be toasted uniformly in a short period of time, while guaranteeing a good energy saving. The TP56 toaster is also equipped with a crumbs tray to facilitate cleaning and stainless steel clips for maximum safety during food contact.


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