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New GIRMI Catalog 2022

It is finally available for consultation and download our brand new 2022 Catalog, full of interesting innovations for your house and your kitchen, with a look towards the future and in full respect of our great Italian tradition. Girmi Staff

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A new challenge

"Our history begins in 1919 when the Cooperativa Subalpina was born in Omegna, specializing in hairdressers products and small household appliances. In the 50s while the company began producing coffee grinders and blenders, the acronym Girmi was born, taking a cue from the blender functions "Gira & Miscela"; soon Girmi becomes the brand of the company, beginning to make its way into the heart and home of the Italian families thanks to the excellent quality and the elegant and modern design of its products. "

Our great "Italian" tradition

Small household appliances

In the heart and home of the Italian families

it's a long journey

Our primary purpose is to provide our customers a wide range of solutions for their houses and innovative ideas for the kitchen: appliances designed to be close to the needs of modern life and ensuring at the same time, the highest quality and functionality.

Today begins a NEW CHALLENGE for GIRMI: repeat the highly successful seasons of the past, LOOKING FORWARDS for NEW TARGETS, WITHOUT FORGETTING OUR GREAT ITALIAN TRADITION

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