Girmi household appliances

Next to the Italian families since 1919

Founded in 1919 in Omegna, the company already states in the early 60s as an Italian leader in the small household appliances production (irons, electric ovens, blenders, ice-cream makers, coffee machines, grinders and toasters), at the cutting edge of technology and production quality and appreciated by the public for their modern design.

For almost a century our Company has offered a world of solutions for cooking and food preparation, by introducing more products every year, creating appliances always closer to the needs of the modern kitchen, which can easily process complex dishes with a few simple gestures, always ensuring quality and original design.

Nowadays Girmi is a synonym of quality and style in the field of household appliances and personal care utilities, with innovative ideas and products that turned out to be the focus of our daily life while helping to improve our well-being.

Next to the Italian families since 1919
Vintage Girmi Catalogue
Vintage Girmi Catalogue - Mixer
Vintage Girmi Catalogue - Gastronomo
Vintage Girmi Catalogue - meat grinder

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