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Rechargeable Portable Vacuum cleaner AP10

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Perfect for any cleaning operation and always ready to use, our cordless vacuum cleaner AP10 guarantees  a working time of 18 minutes. Lightweight and very handy, it is the right solution for fast cleaning of carpets and moquettes as well as furniture, sofà, cars and for removing dust and crumbs even in the spot most difficult to reach. Provided accessories are the dry e wet nozzles and the support for mounting it on the wall.

Code AP1000
EAN 8056095874110
  • Wet & Dry technology 
  • Battery Ni-Mh: 4.8V
  • Power 30W
  • Vacuum > 1.5 kPa
  • Operating time 18 minutes, 
  • Charging time 10 hours
  • Capacity 550 ml, 65 ml for liquids 
  • Noise < 70 dBa
  • Accessories: dry nozzle, wet nozzle, adaptor with wall mount
  • Dimensions (mm): 370 x 120 x 110
  • Power supply: IN: AC 230V ~ 50-60 Hz  - OUT: 5.5V – 200mA
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